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After carefully consideration by our Board of Trustees and staff, The Miracle Foundation team are now commencing work back in the office. As of the 9th of August, our premises will be open and preparing for face-to-face sessions, especially as our Children and Young People start the new school term.

Our Counsellors, Art Therapists and Back office have been working hard in getting prepared and ensuring our office is suitable for younger ones returning and are excited to seeing them soon. While during lockdown, sessions were provided over video conferencing facilities and telephone. We as a team will continue providing this alternative method of Counselling and Art Therapy to help and support in methods that suit them  personally.

If you or anyone close to you could benefit from bereavement and/or trauma support, please get in touch with the Miracle Foundation via our Contact page to find out more about our services and the support we can provide for Children and Young People.

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