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Bereavement Support Group

The core aims of the Miracle Foundation is to offer support to schools, families and children experiencing bereavement. For many children, bereavement can be a very big change in their life, as their mind and bodies are in constant fight or flight mode. At our support groups, children are allowed to openly speak their minds about how they are feeling. We will look at creating a positive look at the present and future.

Grief is a natural response when someone dies and affects each individual differently. Some people require additional support, as coping with loss can be an overwhelming and worrying journey. At The Miracle Foundation, we offer free, confidential support and will provide you with the right guidance to help you heal after loss.

0-2 Years

No concept of death. Experience is of a loss and separation. Children at this age do not have language to express their experiences so reactions will be physical and emotional.

2-5 Years

Struggle with understanding that death is irreversible and final. Magical thinking may begin to surface. Children may believe that something they did, said or thought could have caused the person to die.

Primary School Children

Understanding of death as being final and irreversible develops during this stage. Younger children may see death as something that happens to others. But by the age of 8 most children have a fully developed understanding of death and may begin to fear their own death.


Often hide how they feel. May turn to alcohol abuse or drug abuse or self harm. May not concentrate at school. Find it hard to express their feelings. May feel isolated. Like no one knows what they are going through. They may avoid discussing experiences with the family. May engage in risk taking behaviours. May appear more withdrawn.

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